Passport or Birth Certificate?


Do I need a passport (or a passport card) to board the ship or is my birth certificate enough? The answer depends on several factors, including which port city your cruise departs from and what city you return to.

The current regulations set forth by the passport agency and the US Government are as follows:

At present, a ship departing from and returning to the SAME US port city, Immigration will allow the following for U.S. Citizens:

• A Government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, government or Military ID. Young children are exempt from the photo requirement.
• An original birth certificate
• A certified naturalization certificate with picture I.D.

All non-U.S. citizens residing in the United States are required to travel with their Alien Registration Card (Green Card) and valid passports. All other guests must have valid passports and necessary visas at time of embarkation.

However, a  passport or passport card is STRONGLY recommended. Consider the following…

When you sail, you are visiting a foreign port (Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada). If you were detained due to an accident, injury, illness or any other circumstance it would be extremely difficult to regain entry back to the United States.

Generally, an embassy or state department is involved, creating a lengthy and expensive process. It doesn’t make sense to place yourself, your companions or family in this position. For additional information, click here to visit the Government site to obtain your passport now.

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